Testimonial: Active Heating Services


We were so happy to receive an amazing testimonial recently from Debbie and Alan Carter, Directors of leading Gas and Heating specialists Active Heating Services.

Every successful Company needs robust systems to deliver results.

While our Dynamiq A.I. and Dynamiq MARS systems are proven tools for achieving outstanding outcomes for our clients, they’re only as good as the tailored approach we take to working with each and every client – ensuring our systems work in exactly the way our clients need.

The Directors of Active Heating Services have been working with Dynamiq for 7 months.  We needed to grow and shape up with aim of building a more profitable and higher turnover company with a strong exit strategy.

Rob and Lisa at Dynamiq deliver in bucketloads. Twice a month we meet and collaborate and laugh and focus on KPIs and trends, growth areas, challenges, targeted marketing strategies, getting the most of our job management system, putting in place monitoring mechanisms, bottlenecks, values, growing the company with their guidance, a bit of HR. Everything and anything that herds us into the funnel of becoming a more smart, effective company. No formulas, generalities or sound bites.

They have a tremendous amount of cross-corporate experience, examples, documents, how-to-do-it to bring to the table. They do more than half the work on the joint action outcome list. Very generous, warm people.

We had looked at coaching companies initially but thought they offered soundbites and formulas more than hands on, tailored solutions. It was more like they would float above us rather than be alongside us like Dynamiq,

We are wide eyed and focussed and positive since Dynamiq came alongside and we are so glad to be working with them.

Debbie and Alan Carter