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Newbury West Berkshire - EDC

Newbury West Berkshire is an Economic Development Company (EDC). It was set up to promote the region as the perfect destination for the very best blend in work and life. The EDC was launched in 2019 at a special event at Newbury Racecourse.

DYNAMIQ were approached to help develop Newbury West Berkshire by Ian Young of YA Property. The brief was to developing engaging branding and communications for the Economic Development Company (EDC).

Our Managing Director, Rob met with the Newbury West Berkshire Board to explore ideas that would shape the feel and design the brand could take.

Developing the Brand

On hearing the full (’complicated and conflicting’) brief, Rob pitched the idea of leveraging all that was great about Newbury and West Berkshire, split into four distinct elements of work and life:

Heritage – promoting the stunning places of historical significance in West Berkshire such as Donnington Castle

Business – celebrating West Berkshire as a place of opportunity for businesses large and small

Culture – celebrating the culture and arts on offer in West Berkshire such as Newbury Racecourse, The Corn Exchange and The Watermill Theatre

Life – promoting the great opportunities for living in Newbury and West Berkshire with the excellent opportunities for work, life and the accessibility afforded by its location.

Impressed by the ideas proposed, the Board commissioned DYNAMIQ to start work on developing the new branding.

Developing the brand for a new Economic Development Company was challenging but rewarding. The stakeholder group consisted of nearly 20 representatives each with their own vision of how the brand should look and feel – it was, in effect a process of ruling by committee.

The DYNAMIQ team set about creating a range of concepts that would steer the overall look and feel of the brand with a mix of soft and sharp lines, gradient and solid colours. The colours used would also make use of colour psychology to best represent the four key areas that would deliver the brand message.

Additionally, the stakeholder group had yet to decide on the final name for the EDC. Options included ‘Newbury’ and ‘Great West Berkshire.’

“DYNAMIQ ensured that all tasks in relation to the launch were completed in time and have continued to offer further assistance without prompting. Rob and his team were quietly and ably available in support on the launch day which was attended by over 100 interested parties, a tremendous response to a short period in which we had to communicate what was a very brief message to come along and get involved.”

Ian Young – YA Property & EDC Stakeholder Group

Launching the EDC

With the brand agreed, attentions turned to launching the new EDC.

With the venue set at The Owner’s Club at Newbury Racecourse, DYNAMIQ were commissioned to design an invitation that would be sent to local business owners.

With a view to launching the brand in the most dynamic way possible, the DYNAMIQ team set about designing an invite that could be sent electronically and provide an intuitive experience for invitees that would set the tone for branding and marketing moving forward.

DYNAMIQ proposed a system called Paperless Post which allowed a high volume of animated invites to be sent. The invites would allow direct responses to be made intuitively via the electronic invitation platform. Attendee data could then be captured securely allowing tracking and follow-ups to be sent accordingly.

The animated invitations attracted the excited attention of recipients as hoped. The Paperless Post initiative was successful in ensuring the launch event drew a full capacity attendance of over 100 business owners and professionals to the 7.30am launch event.

“Rob and Dynamiq’s professionalism and willingness to always over deliver make them a must for any organisation looking to grow. I cannot recommend contacting them enough – give him a call, it may well prove to be one of the best business decisions you make!”

Russell Downing – CEO, Newbury West Berkshire EDC

Launch Communications

In the lead up to the launch event, we were commissioned to develop additional media and communications to maximise the impact of the lunch event. With only 4-weeks to develop and deliver the various projects, we immediately set about delivering the desired outcomes by launch. These additional project included:

  • A new website
  • Branded pens
  • An event postcard for feedback

“Rob has been a tremendous support, always gives considered advice on how to work smarter to get the best results, his attention to detail and the small things that make the big differences always amazes me. Dynamiq’s knowledge and experience in their field is fantastic, their expertise in developing and delivering marketing campaigns and projects has produced brilliant results.”

Russell Downing – CEO, Newbury West Berkshire EDC

Developing the EDC

Since the successful launch of the EDC, we have been invited to join the Newbury West Berkshire Stakeholder Group and the Economic Development focus group. We have continued to develop the EDC, developing media and communications, facilitate numerous events across West Berkshire and several virtual events during and since the widespread disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlights have included:

  • Continuing to develop the website
  • Hosting a 4 part leadership series with Rugby legend Phil Davies
  • Hosting a virtual Economic Development Forum and monthly events
  • Filming and producing case study profiles with leading West Berkshire businesses 

“Dynamiq have really made this launch successful we only hope we can live up to these high standards in developing the Newbury EDC further through 2019 and beyond.”

Ian Young – YA Property& EDC Stakeholder

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