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Case Studies

Case Studies are your success stories. They’re the perfect opportunity to shout about the amazing results you’ve achieved in the work that you do.

In sharing your success stories, you can engage with your audience, share insights in your field of work expertise, shine a spotlight on an important issue, and inspire your audience to take similar steps to achieve brilliant results. The end result – massive credibility for you, your brand and your passion.

Our 5/0/5 success story framework makes it easy for you to create amazing case studies. We ask you 5 simple questions that will take you no more than 15 minutes to answer. We’ll then ask your client (or case study subject/contact) 5 questions which ill take them no more than 15 minutes to answer.

Then, we do the rest.

Our clients commission us to craft their case studies time and again because it’s a clear and simple process that takes minimal time while delivering massive results.

DYNAMIQ Case Studies in Numbers – What You Get


x stunning case study in PDF and Word


x high quality printed case studies*


x social media ready client testimonies


% optimised content for website & social media


x weeks of digital marketing content

opportunities to build trust in your brand

Client Success Stories

“Thank you Dynamiq for all your hard work and help over the years (since 2014)! I’m so glad you found me and helped me progress into a popular and successful business with your amazing advice and guidance, web design and branding!”

Phillippa Stephenson – Owner/Director, PipzPawz Pet Services

Print Marketing

Print marketing allows you the opportunity to put a physical representation of your business directly in the hands of your audience. It really is a perfect opportunity to give your prospect something to take away and, done right, remember you by for all the right reasons.

Forms of print marketing can include; business cards, flyers and leaflets, brochures and posters. Even the simplest business card can deliver the right message that creates further opportunities to develop a relationship.

We’ll create print marketing designs and collateral that engage and leave the perfect impression to deliver you a return on your investment. The right design, a perfectly honed message that inspires and empowers.

We’ll also help you get the very best value from your printing.

Social Media

Social Media provides the opportunity to do just that – be social. It’s a great way to build fantastic engagement with your online community, offer value and grow your brand and business.

But let’s be frank – there’s an incredible amount of noise out there across the various social platforms, most good, some not so. Used properly, social media will allow you to make a positive social impact as much as a commercial one, and really make a difference.

We’ll work with you to develop a concise social media strategy guiding you while you deliver it yourself or support you further by delivering it for you. Together we will develop compelling and engaging content that creates emotional connections, resonates with your audience and allows you to cut through all the noise so your message is heard.

We’ll help you focus on your niche, your target audience, work with you to hone your message and decide the best social media platforms for the outcomes you want to achieve.

Add a dash of Dynamiq magic to your business growth – get in touch!

Web Design & Development

Part of your marketing strategy should always include having a dynamic and up to date website. For many businesses and organisations, a website is a tool for offering prospective clients information on what they do. We believe this is a missed opportunity.

A great website will do more than just offer information on your business – it will generate leads. It will engage your audience and provide a seamless journey where they can very quickly find out how you can help to solve the problem they have, or achieve the results they want. Your website, as with all your other marketing should deliver a consistent brand message, telling your story and offering compelling reasons why working with you can contribute to giving them the best outcomes for their needs.

We’ll work with you to map out your prospect/customer journey. We’ll review design options and develop a responsive and dynamic website solution that will engage your audience, deliver a journey and message that’s on point and generate the leads you deserve.

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