Client Case Study – CBZ Photo – Time-lapse Project

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Dynamiq were delighted develop yet another case study for CBZ Photo for a 15-month long time-lapse project delivered for Feltham Construction.

Feltham Construction is a well respected, regional construction company located in Newbury, Berkshire. Since 1972, Feltham Construction, a privately-owned company, has grown and expanded into new industry sectors, including commercial, education, social housing, leisure, healthcare and retail thanks to the expert knowledge and experience of its staff.

Liaising with both Peter and Hannah of CBZ and Shula Miles, Feltham Construction, Dynamiq used our 505-QA system to obtain detailed and insightful information regarding the project including highly technical complexity of the project.

A project of this scale and duration was certain to present challenges. Obtaining regular access to the cameras in ever-changing environments and weather, CBZ remained relentless in securing the data and ensuring every frame was captured. As the project ended, Hannah and the team had the daunting prospect of curating 300GB of data and 604,800 frames of video into a manageable time-lapse video. The resulting 6 hours of time-lapse video was compressed down to just 9 minutes into a highlights reel for the final production. 

Time is precious and every person’s time is limited. That’s why our 505 QA system minimises the time required to gain insights information through a series of carefully developed questions – 5 for our client and 5 for the end-user. These questions take no longer the 10-minutes to answer (each set of 5 questions) from which we can develop the case study.

View the case study (optimised for web – get in touch for the full resolution version):







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