Client Case Study – Beacon Installations

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Dynamiq were delighted develop a case study for Beacon Installations for a recently completed project in a large Georgian House and country estate in West Berkshire.

Requiring updated lighting systems, network infrastructure and audio-visual systems to be updated and installed, a large Georgian house in West Berkshire needed an expert who could bring the timeless classics of the historic 19th Century building into the modern technological world.

Liaising with both Jeremy Gravenstede and the client, Dynamiq used its 505-QA system to obtain detailed and insightful information regarding the project including the sensitive nature of the work when factoring the listed period features and characteristics of the Georgian Home.

Time is precious and every person’s time is limited. That’s why our 505 QA system minimises the time required to gain insights information through a series of carefully developed questions – 5 for our client and 5 for the end-user. These questions take no longer the 10-minutes to answer (each set of 5 questions) from which we can develop the case study.

View the case study (optimised for web – get in touch for the full resolution version):







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