Inside Out Podcast 6 Part 1: Symbols and Colours

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Inside Out Energy Series – Episode 6, Part 1: Symbols and Colours; and Becoming the Best Version of Your Authentic Self

In part 1 of this 2 part episode, Rugby Union legend Phil Davies and Entrepreneur Rob Cao. Phil and Rob are joined by Helen Stephens, a behavioural psychology expert. We discuss how symbols can play a role in defining our lives, careers and legacy.

In part 2 of this episode about symbols and colours, Helen, Phil and Rob will be talking about how colours can be used to influence our behaviours and how we engage with those around us.

The over arching theme of this podcast episode is self awareness and becoming the best version of your authentic self.

Phil Davies is a globally renowned Rugby Union legend who has built an outstanding reputation ‘post playing days’ in coaching and leadership across the Word. You can find out more about Phil here:

Find out more about our MD, Rob here: